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As you view the video scenes from Emancipation: The Opera, you and your teacher and fellow students will have the opportunity to discuss the important issues raised in each video. On this page you will find supplementary materials that can help you make sense of what you see. The timeline lists events chronologically and has many clickable links that you can explore. The many articles available to you here discuss the history of Black human rights as it has unfolded in the decades before and since the end of the Civil War. Click on each topic below to open a document that talks about it.

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dear educators

Dear Educators
Introduction to the course
Dear Educators.pdf
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Timeline: History of the Struggle for Black Human Rights
Events listed chronologically, with many clickable links
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The haitian revolution

The Haitian Revolution
The most successful slave rebellion in history, 1791
Haitian Revolution.pdf
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ABraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
America's 16th President
Abraham Lincoln.pdf
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mary todd lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln
The wife of President Lincoln
Mary Todd Lincoln.pdf
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elizabeth keckley

Elizabeth Keckley
Seamstress, designer and friend of Mary Todd Lincoln
Elizabeth Keckley.pdf
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walt whitman

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman is the author of the poem “This Moment Yearning and Thoughtful,” the words of which are sung by Abe Lincoln during his soliloquy in Video Scene 9 from Emancipation
Walt Whitman.pdf
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frederick douglass

Frederick Douglass
Former slave, abolitionist leader
Frederick Douglass Bio.pdf
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fort sumter

Fort Sumter
Civil War begins as Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter.pdf
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the telegraph

The Telegraph
How Lincoln used the telegraph to help win the Civil War
The Telegraph.pdf
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the negro spiritual

The Negro spiritual
A brief history of the Negro spiritual
The Negro Spiritual.pdf
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nat turner's rebellion

Nat Turner's Rebellion
Rebellion of enslaved Black people led by Nat Turner in 1831
Nat Turner's Rebellion.pdf
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underground railroad

Underground Railroad
Network of safe places and transport that allowed slaves to escape to the northern free states
Underground Railroad.pdf
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fugitive slave law convention

Fugitive Slave Law Convention
Meeting of northern abolitionists in 1850, chaired by Frederick Douglass
Fugitive Slave Law Convention.pdf
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emancipation proclamation

Emancipation Proclamation
Story of the document that proclaimed the end of slavery
Emancipation Proclamation.pdf
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emancipation proclamation text

Emancipation Proclamation Text
Full text of the Emancipation Proclamation
Emancipation Proclamation Text.pdf
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june 19, 1865: Juneteenth

June 19, 1865: Juneteenth
The day federal troops arrived in Galveston, TX to ensure enslaved people were freed
June 19, 1865.pdf
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w.e.b. du bois

W.E.B. du Bois
Transformed the way Black lives were seen as American citizens
W.E.B. du Bois.pdf
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marcus garvey

Marcus Garvey
Noted civil rights activist
Marcus Garvey.pdf
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jackie robinson

Jackie Robinson
African American professional baseball player who broke the color barrier
Jackie Robinson.pdf
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brotherhood of sleeping car porters & maids

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters & Maids
First union among African American workers
Brotherhood of sleeping car porters and
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john lewis

John Lewis
Civil rights leader and member of Congress
John Lewis.pdf
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george jackson

George Jackson
Worked to eradicate racism in prisons
George Jackson.pdf
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fred hampton

Fred Hampton
Black Panthers member, killed by Chicago police
Fred Hampton.pdf
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rosa parks

Rosa Parks
Black woman who ignited bus boycott
Rosa Parks Ignites Bus Boycott.pdf
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greensboro lunch counter sit-in

Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-in
Civil rights protest at Woolworth's lunch counter in 1960
Greensboro Sit-in.pdf
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birmingham bombing

Birmingham Church Bombing
4 young girls killed at 16th St. Baptist Church
Birmingham church bombing.pdf
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march on washington

The March on Washington
Occasion of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech
The March on Washington.pdf
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voting rights act

Voting Rights Act
President Lyndon Johnson gives Black Americans the right to vote
Voting Rights Act.pdf
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watts rebellion

Watts Rebellion
6 days of rioting sparked by an arrest in the Watts neighborhood of L.A. in 1965
Watts Rebellion.pdf
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angela davis acquitted

Angela Davis Acquitted
Black activist Angela Davis acquitted by an all-white Marin County jury
Angela Davis.pdf
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barack obama

President Barack Obama
The 44th President of the United States
Barack Obama.pdf
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civil war fashion

Civil War Fashion
Illustrations and descriptions of the clothing styles that were fashionable during the Civil War years.
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Ashokan farewell

Ashokan Farewell
The theme music of the Ken Burns documentary, The Civil War
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11 anthems of black pride and protest

11 Anthems of Black Pride and Protest
Eleven songs that have marked the fight for Black human rights
11 Anthems of Black Pride and Protest.pd
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supplemental reading

Supplemental Reading
Suggestions for further reading
Supplemental Reading.pdf
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