The Opera

----What exactly is opera? 

---- Who is involved in creating and staging an opera? 

---- And how did this particular opera, Emancipation, come to be?


These are the questions you will find answers to on this page. We hope you enjoy learning the backstory of all opera, and especially of our Civil War opera, Emancipation.

The History of Opera

A Brief History of Opera
Learn where opera came from and how it developed through the years.
A Brief History of Opera.pdf
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artists and production staff

Artists and Production Staff
It takes a lot of people to make a production like Emancipation: The Opera possible. Read about all the roles and the people who filled them.
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production notes

Production Notes
This article tells a bit of the story about the history of Emancipation: The Opera, of the ways it changed and developed over the years, and the differences among the three productions that have been staged from 2012 to the present.
Notes about the Production.pdf
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